Sunday, February 12, 2006

When Bureaucrats Try To Talk Linguistics

Don't know how I missed this post the first time (h/t to Månskensdans), but it really is funny. I can't wait to be asked if I have a native speaking knowledge of Etruscan or IndoEuropean -- or Quenya, for that matter.

I'm totally with Johan on this one (if I'm translating correctly): "Not that I need to, but now I know what I'll do next time someone questions the benefit of my learning Gothic." A Swede after my own heart.


caelestis said...

Ha! Thanks very much for the translation.

Derek the Ænglican said...

I'm highly offended by the list. Where do we petition to add Ugaritic and Ge'ez (and you'd *better* not try to tell me that Amharic is "close enough"...)?