Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Feasts and Fun in February

Here are some language-related or otherwise my-fancy-striking observances slated for this month, as listed on a couple of very unofficial-looking sites. Still, they're fun.

Feb. 13th: Blame Someone Else Day, Get a Different Name Day, International Skeptics Day

Feb. 20th: Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day

Feb. 21st: International Mother Language Day

February is also National Time Management Month. It's National Cherry Pie Month, but also National Children's Dental Health Month. Finally, February is Library Lovers Month.

The current Catholic calendar (on which each day is the official feast of approximately 37,345,509 saints) includes the following:

Feb. 13th: St. Jordan of Saxony. Saxon noble and Dominican historian.

Feb. 17th: St. Guevrock. 6th century Briton with a cool name.

Feb. 22nd: St. John the Saxon. Invited by King Alfred--not me, the first one--to restore faith and learning to the English abbeys ravaged by the Danes. Killed by French monks.

Feb. 25th: St. Ethelbert of Kent. Baptized by St. Augustine of Canterbury, leading to conversion of thousands of countrymen.

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