Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cool Saga Quotes #3 & 4: Think the Terrible Two's are Bad?

This one's just classic. It's from the famous Egilssaga:

When the time came for Skallagrim and Bera to go to the feast, Thorolf and the farmhands got ready as well; there were fifteen in the party in all.

Egil told his father that he wanted to go with them. "They're just as much my relatives as Thorolf's," he said.

"You're not going," said Skallagrim, "because you don't know how to behave where there's heavy drinking. You're enough trouble when you're sober."

Oh--did I mention that Egil was three at the time? In his defense, though, he was mature for his age:

As he grew up, it soon bcame clear he [Egil] would turn out very ugly and resemble his father, with black hair. When he was three years old, he was as big and strong as a boy of six or seven.

There. All better, right?

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