Friday, February 24, 2006

The Grimm Truth behind Pigs and Razors

Behold, the wonders of Amazon's all-knowing Automatic Recommendation System, Extraordinaire (ARSE), from whence the Amazon gods pull their divine wisdom. Clearly I should suppress my doubts and seek one day to learn the lesson it seeks to teach me about myself. I will obey, lest it be angered and recommend to me harsher lessons, such as Skating With the Stars or Pickled Herring-Wrapped Filet of Haggis.

I mean seriously, did someone actually program it so that any movie with at least 5 blades in it gives Gillette a free ad? And I'm sure there were pigs and cows in the movie somewhere, but honestly. (Mind you, not that I'm at all averse to bacon and sirloin...)

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