Friday, March 24, 2006

Representing Deutschland

I'm posting the following videos here because I can (thank you, Google), because I simply can never stop laughing no matter how often I've seen them, and because, after all, they're all Germanic and stuff.

VW has had these three commercials airing in the US for a while now, and having just watched The Brothers Grimm, I'm almost positive that the guy who played the Italian Cavaldi in the movie is the same guy "representing Deutschland" in the commercials. Can anyone confirm this?

If so, we have a Swede playing an Italian and a German. I think he overdid the Italian accent just a tad in the movie, but I've been trying to listen for hints of a Swedish accent in his assumed German accent. (Some of my readers are more qualified to assess this than I am.) I especially like the one with the green car, where he purposely tries to make his accent hard to understand. Oh, and his facial expressions are awesome.


Derek the ├ćnglican said...

I adore the one with the trebucht. I just wish they hadn't messed with the swing to keep the flung car in the picture. Any idea how far the car could be flung with the right trajectory??

King Alfred said...

Yeah, it seemed like it released to early. I'm sure it could have gone pretty far, but what do I know? The only times I've seen trebuchets in action were in Return of the King and Shrek II. :-P

Johan said...

I haven't seen The Brothers Grimm, but yes, that's Peter Stormare.


Bemmie said...
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Johan said...

I think that there's far more Swedish accent than German in his speach, by the way, but on the other hand, I'm actively looking for those traits.