Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Internet Movie Dead-a-base

You know it's happened to you: You're trying to think of a movie, but you can't remember the title. You can't remember who was in it. You can't even remember when it came out. But thanks to one preposterously violent scene, you remember every detail of how that one guy died.

Well, you're in luck: Wikipedia has a list of movies organized by what kind of gory death they died. That's right, you can browse movies including death by chainsaw (Section 6), death from being eaten (Section 1), death from slicing by a sharp object where it takes some time for victim to fall apart (Section 19), even death by blendering (3).

This one's just for you, W.W. Enjoy!

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Derek the ├ćnglican said...

Hmmm. It needs work. I was attempting to locate the source of a Delerium sample which involves a sledgehammer murder. They don't even have any sledgehammer murders catalogued...