Saturday, January 28, 2017

DC to Host Language Museum

It's been simply ages since I've posted and I generally consider this page defunct since I rarely have time to think about it, but this seemed the best place to post one of my favorite pieces of news of 2017: Washington, D.C. will soon (but not soon enough: 2019) host the nation's only museum dedicated to words and language.

From the founder:
“At Planet Word, come waltz with a verb, sip a bowl of alphabet soup, stroll with Question Mark, hold hands with that inseparable pair Q and U, and pay a visit to Spelling Bea. Identify accents, tell us how you say soda and hoagie, learn tips from professional dialect coaches, and climb a Tower of Babel or tunnel through a prepositional playground. From speaking to listening to reading to writing, fun language experiences will await you around every corner at Planet Word.”

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