Sunday, November 5, 2006

Internets and Englishes, Preciousss

Lauren over at Polyglot Conspiracy has an interesting post on a NYT Magazine article on the Internet and the Oxford English Dictionary. I'm a little surprised that there are still so few linguists that are internet-savvy; despite the strictness of the current attestation requirements that Lauren points out, still you'd think more people would be studying what must be one of the greatest conduits for language change (in English at least) since the Normans. For example, the article mentions how words extinct in one place (perhaps considered more "standard") may still survive somewhere else--i.e., the internet allows for documentation of the many world "Englishes". An interesting article and post.

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pc said...

To be fair, I think Baron's claim that only a handful of linguists care about the internet is probably a bit overstating the case. But, it is true that it's not explicitly a big area of serious research - I suspect part of why has to do with what makes it so interesting in the first place, namely the pure scope of the thing and how rapidly it all changes.