Saturday, April 1, 2006

You -- Yes YOU -- are Invited!

Preparations are already in the works for the third-ever Carnival of Blog Translations! The Carnival, which The Bitter Scroll hath this month the honour of hosting, shall take place on April 28th.

My castle and the surrounding fields will be filled with tents and pavillions displaying the translational talents of visitors from around the world, as well as sideshows and games, and candy and balloons for the kids.

What is a Blog Carnival, you ask? A blog carnival is a travelling signpost that puts together a series of links about a particular theme. Contributors post something relevant on their blogs sometime during the month, and on the day of the carnival (towards the end of the month), the host compiles one big post with links to all the participants. It can be quite a to-do!

To participate in this Carnival, you need merely translate anything posted during this month by another blogger and post it on your own blog, with a link to the original. Fill out the following information and email (see my profile) me before April 28th:

My Name:
Name of My Blog:
My Blog's URL:
Title of Post, in Target Language:

Name of Blog I'm Translating From:
Name of Person Whose Blog I'm Translating From:
Their Blog's URL:
Title of Post, in Source Language:

The first and second carnivals were hosted by Liz Henry of ALTALK Blog and Beverly Trayner of Em duas línguas. If you fancy playing host to the fourth Carnival, let me know.

To date, the following languages have been represented at a Translation Carnival: Bulgarian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

I do have two suggestions for the carnival this month, but it's totally up to contributors: if no one does either of them, it'll still be a successful carnival:

1. Given the location of this month's carnival (viz., here), I would be just tickled to see some translations into dead languages ... Anybody up to the challenge??

2. After I posted my contribution last month, the author of the original had some interesting comments on the unique challenges of that particular translation. I think it'd be fascinating if contributors, either in the comments section or in a separate post, noted briefly some of the unique challenges they encountered. But again: better to contribute something without it, than wait and never contribute!

Email me if you have any questions. Happy Translating!!

[Note: Despite the date, this is not an April Fool's joke.]

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